Help, I accidentally damaged my eyeliner bristles!

Oh no, that brush is damaged! No need to panic, follow these 3 steps and your brush will be like new in no time! 

Before you start, you will need:

  • Any waterproof makeup remover
  • Cotton pad
  • Warm water from the tap

Step 1. Remove the damaged bristles

Slowly pull out the bristles from the brush, whilst you do this make sure to seal the eyeliner bottle so it doesn't dry out!

Step 2. Wash the bristles

Apply a bit of waterproof makeup remover liquid on your fingers and carefully rub the bristles. The eyeliner will wash off. After you place it under running warm water it will come off completely. 

Step 3. Dry and reinsert the bristles

Dry the bristles and see if any bristles are still bent, you can carefully tear off any damaged bristles. Slowly reinsert the bristles back into the tip of the brush by rotating them. Slowly reinsert the brush back into the bottle and spin it around to get the eyeliner on it. 

You are done!

We recommend being gentle with the eyeliner bristle when opening and closing the bottle as this will ensure a long life for it. But if you happen to accidentally bend the bristles it's no problem!